Collection: Hop into Easter!

They are two of the world's most beloved indulgences, and when they are put together, it is a brew-tiful combination.  From rich dark chocolate and bold black teas to delicate white chocolate and woody earthy teas, there is a tea and chocolate pairing out there for everyone. Make your Easter delicious with Harriet's tea and chocolate pairings.

 Elevenses (Irish Breakfast Tea) & Dark Chocolate

Because of its high cocoa content, dark chocolate can have an intensity that makes it slightly bitter. The best teas to sip with this chocolate are the strong smoky teas.

Ravishing Red & White Chocolate.

As white chocolate is sweet and never bitter, the best teas are those that have some astringency, and that contain spices and flowery notes.

Earl Grey & Milk Chocolate. 

Usually teas that go well with milk go well with milk chocolate.