We are proud to have these wonderful venues as part of the 'Harriet family'.

"Since switching to High Tea with Harriet, our customers are commenting on how much they love the tea and all the flavours available to them.  We are constantly running out of teapots to keep up with demand.  They have also bought retails packs to use at home.  The service behind the brand is faultless, nothing is too hard for this supplier.  Would highly recommend High Tea with Harriet to any retailer".

 – Donna, Cafe Merchant, Western Australia. 


"We are delighted to offer our range of loose leaf teas from “High Tea with Harriet”. The teas are of an amazing quality, full of flavour and consistently enjoyed.   Both us and our customers are very pleased with this new partnership. "

 –Sadie, Union Kitchen, Western Australia. 


"The High Tea with Harriet range is a wonderful little bit of everyday luxury. In our boutique tea and plant store, the Birthday Tea, Wedding Tea and Melbourne Moments are best-sellling winners. Personally, the Melbourne Moments tea is my go-to, special something tea best enjoyed on a rainy Sunday."

 – Charlene, Botanista, South Australia.


 "Recently, I started a small business called 'Little House of Harriet', selling vintage wear, art, and bespoke tea.  I received a gift of a box of High Tea with Harriet tea from my daughter, and this has become the best part of my business.  With great excitement, I joined the Harriet tea family in WA.  Living remotely is no excuse not to share the elegance of these beautiful bespoke teas.  The Community of Katherine has fallen in love with the loose leaf tea flavours, and now I have many returning customers"

 – Simmone, Little House of Harriet, Northern Territory.



"My daughter bought me a box of your Ravishing Red Rooibos tea as a gift.  and I love it!  Since drinking your loose leaf tea, I can no longer go back to teabags.  I have even got out my teapot and teacups to use!" 

– Kerry, retail customer


“High Tea with Harriet's range of teas are first class. The flavours are rich and you can taste the high grade quality of the blends. I find their 'Sunday Tea' a lovely alternative to straight black tea. Their Chai is divine. 'Utterly Charming Chai' is simply that - so soothing on a winter's day, with a bit of milk and honey. They have also successfully ventured into the world of rooibos tea and Harriet comes to the tea party on this one - gorgeous, strong flavours. High Tea with Harriet knows how to do packaging. Their teas come in beautiful boxes that are so decadent and luxurious, you can't help but feel special, and that's how I want my tea to make me feel. Keep up the good work, Harriet!”

– Ela, retail customer

“I can honestly say that High Tea with Harriet’s teas changed me from a reluctant tea drinker into an avid one. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far, but my top three are Duchess of Bedford, French Earl Grey and Sunday Tea. Duchess has a wonderful, floral scent that isn’t too overpowering. It’s great as a pick-me-up in the afternoon. The French Earl Grey is, simply put, the best Earl Grey I’ve ever tasted; the bergamot is perfectly balanced. The Sunday tea is a great, every day tea. The natural vanilla in it lifts a standard drink into a great treat.”

– Emma, retail customer


“This is simply the best chai we’ve ever had. The spices all combine wonderfully! It delivers an outstanding flavour and a great cup of chai. It's so good!

– Alice, retail customer


“Ordering gifts or for ourselves is always easy and such a pleasure from this fantastic company. Every order feels like a treat because of the care and thought put into every aspect of the product. The gorgeous packaging, the beautiful wrapping and of course the stunning teas are just so special (the service is also extremely prompt and friendly). It’s so hard to choose a favourite but Ravishing Red with gorgeously warm notes of sandalwood is worth recommending. Red tea drinkers are a committed bunch and have usually been drinking it for years but this lush blend one wins everyone over. I always plan to keep some of the gorgeous boxes ready for unexpected gifts but sometimes it’s just too tempting to keep them!”

– Jane, retail customer


"Beautiful personalised service and the most delicious tea I've ever tasted!"

– Sam, retail customer