About us

Who are we?

High Tea with Harriet is an artisanal tea company, with a unique range of truly enticing teas to try.

We are a small group of tea lovers that were tired of the same old blends, and really tired of tired, stale tea! So many of the options we tried promised a lot on the box, and yet delivered so little in fulsome flavour!

What’s the solution?

Two tea-loving Melbournites decided to create their own range of tea!. Over a year and a half they carefully developed each of the tea blends with our Master Tea Blender. All our blends were created from scratch, every grade of tea leaf tried and assessed, every ingredient carefully chosen, every flavour perfected to the highest possible quality and taste. There are no off-the-shelf, bargain-catalogue teas here! Our teas are premium, our blends are totally unique and our flavours are delightfully mouth-watering. 

What else inspires us?

High Tea with Harriet was inspired by a love of the old world, of society afternoon teas of the late 19th century, of artists sharing a cup to discuss their latest work, of friends getting together to drink tea in colourful dresses and hats. 

A charming time for tea! And nothing has changed; a lovely cup of tea is for every occasion, perfect for so many moments in life...and always better shared with your very own Harriet. We love to take the time for the ritual of tea - no instant hit - but rather a moment to fully engage with yourself and your surroundings. A time to stop and breathe...and sip tea!

Where are we now?

High Tea with Harriet made the big move across Australia, and the 'Harriet' legacy is now being carried on from Perth, by a passionate tea lover called the 'Crazy Tea Lady'.  The teas (and other lovely things!) can be bought online (here!) and in nearly 100 stockists across Australia. If Harriet isn't in your favourite cafe or fine-food store - ask them why not?!

What’s next?

We want to change the culture of tea in Australia and the world! Tea drinkers should never expect to get served a teabag in a cafe, like a coffee drinker would never expect to receive an instant coffee! Tea is an ancient and special drink, and whether you prefer straight green tea, or a floral black tea with milk and sugar, we believe your tea should be as special as it possibly can be, from your quick tea break at work, to your Sunday afternoon tea.

Harriet teas are ethically sourced and produced from the world’s finest tea estates.