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Hi I'm Denise the owner of High Tea with Harriet. It is lovely to meet you and to chat with you about my favourite subject - tea. The experience of enjoying a good cuppa means as much to me as the tea itself.  This is what sparked a little dream for me, I wanted to be a part of the tea industry and bring this experience to others. Tea has always been much more than a beverage to me, and I quite often day dreamed about owning my own tea business.

"We are delighted to offer our range of loose leaf teas from “High Tea with Harriet”. The teas are of an amazing quality, full of flavour and consistently enjoyed. Both us and our customers are very pleased with this new partnership."
                                  –Sadie, Union Kitchen, Western Australia.



'Crazy Tea Lady'
A few years ago, I went through a period of uncertainty in my life. My husband suggested that I buy a gazebo and some tea and start my own market stall business.  He convinced me by saying that if it didn’t work out, I could always drink the tea myself.  Of course, I was sold!  And just like that, Crazy Tea Lady was born, selling High Tea with Harriet teas. After two years, I became the owner of High Tea with Harriet, and now provide wholesale tea supplies to cafes, restaurants, gift shops and florists in Perth, WA and throughout Australia. Yes, I am fortunate enough to be living my dream.  

"The High Tea with Harriet range is a wonderful little bit of everyday luxury. In our boutique tea and plant store, the Birthday Tea, Wedding Tea and Melbourne Moments are best-sellling winners. Personally, the Melbourne Moments tea is my go-to, special something tea best enjoyed on a rainy Sunday."         – Charlene, Botanista, South Australia. 


My Purpose

My purpose is to make the world a more comforting place, by providing a chance to pause and reconnect each and every day.  And the best way to do that is with good quality tea. As I always say, life is way too short to drink bad tea.  There is nothing worse than having a lovely lunch at your favourite café, ordering a tea, and getting a teabag and a cup of hot water! I am passionate ensuring that tea lovers are treated with the same respect as coffee drinkers, and are provided with an exceptional cup of tea, wherever they are.      

                "I knew from the very first taste that I had found the perfect teas for my venue"                                                

 – Melissa, Vintage Rose Tea & Coffee House. New South Wales.

Loose leaf teas | High Tea with Harriet 


My Teas

My loose leaf tea blends have been developed in conjunction with a Master Tea Blender in Germany and use only the highest quality ingredients.  Sustainability and food safety compliance are priorities for me, along with the presentation of an exceptional product.  And I am proud to say that a number of my teas have been recognised with awards at the Australian Golden Leaf Awards, and the Royal Tasmanian Fine Foods Awards. My blends are available in cafe packs that come with Harriet Tea Tins, as well as gorgeous retail boxes.  As a small business I am able to offer no minimum quantity requirements

"Your teas have been well received by our customers, especially as gift ideas."

 – Kerri, A Deja-Vu Experience, Queensland.


The Harriet Team | High Tea with Harriet

"Your teas are amazing!"

 – Rebecca, Erica Cafe and Bar Victoria.


  My 'Harriet Family'

As a family owned company operated by my husband and myself, (under the watchful eye of the Office Manager Tully the Border Collie),  we are able to offer personalised customer service, as you deal directly with us. We treat all of our wholesale customers as members of our 'Harriet' family, and provide you with all the necessary expertise and support, so that you can concentrate on looking after your customers.

"Since switching to High Tea with Harriet, our customers are commenting on how much they love the tea and all the flavours available to them.  We are constantly running out of teapots to keep up with demand.  They have also bought retails packs to use at home.  The service behind the brand is faultless, nothing is too hard for this supplier.  Would highly recommend High Tea with Harriet to any retailer".

 – Donna, Cafe Merchant, Western Australia. 


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Owner | High Tea with Harriet

Just by reading my story, I can tell that like me, you are focused on giving your customers the best experience possible. I would love to talk to you about how my Harriet teas can help you to do this.

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