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Ashdene teaware

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Melissa Made with Love Natural Skincare

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Feeling cold? Warm up with Harriet's Fav's.

French Earl Grey

Harriet's Gold Medal Winning French Earl Grey will bring some sunshine to to those winter days. A smooth tea with the delicate flavours of apricot and bergamot, with sprinklings of hibiscus flowers, sunflowers and mallow blossoms.

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Cosies your Nan would love.

The temperature is dropping, so is is more important than ever to make sure your cup of tea is as hot as possible. How do you do that? With a tea cosy of course! Our gorgeous cosies are not mass produced, but lovingly hand knitted right here in Australia.

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Peach Blush

Warm up with this award winning fruit tisane of apple pieces, hibiscus with a natural peach flavour. With a beautiful pink hue, this sweet and fragrant tea is the perfect for the lovers of both hot and chilled teas.

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'Harriet's cups of wisdom'

Mum Cuddles are the Best!

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Let’s tea!

Utterly delicious. Loose leaf. Premium quality. Ethically sourced.