Our epic teas have achieved success once more.

This year we entered 4 of our teas into the annual Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards. And we are so very proud to announce that we came away with four awards!

GOLD Utterley Charming Chai SILVER Rising Sun BRONZE Fields of Gold BRONZE French Earl Grey

15 out of our 20 teas have received awards! Tired of average tea? Then it's time to try our award-winning blends!

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At High Tea with Harriet our purpose is to make the world a more comforting place through tea. And we want you to have the chance to pause, reflect, and reconnect. Weave some special moments in your daily life with the simple ceremony of making loose leaf tea. 

Join us to taste & discover the most beautiful teas, created to bring elegance to your chats, festive catch-ups & me-time...where ever you are.

Like you, we are a little fussy, so here you will only find Australia’s finest, award-winning loose leaf blends.

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Make memories over a steaming cuppa with our warming blends perfect for sharing.

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🫖 Harriet's Tea Tips 🫖

How do you keep your tea warm in winter?

Preheat your mug: Before pouring your hot tea, rinse your cup or pot with hot water to preheat it. This will help keep your tea warmer for longer.

Add a tea cozy: A tea cozy is a cover that fits over your teapot to keep the tea warm. It can also be used to cover individual mugs or cups to keep the tea warm.

Use a tea pot warmer: Use a tea light candle or an electric warmer to keep your tea at the perfect sipping temperature.