Taking care of YOU!

Lockdowns, restrictions, isolation from loved ones. We have had everything thrown at us this year, and then some. All of that stress takes it toll on our health, especially our mental health.
As you well know, I am very good at taking care of myself by putting the kettle on, grabbing my favourite loose leaf blend, and making a nice cuppa. It may not have solved all my problems, but it does help me pause and see things differently.
What I am not very good at is talking nicely to myself. I am always very conscious to talk to all that I meet in a positive and kind way. Except when its me! I would be horrified if someone spoke to me how I speak to myself sometimes. Those internal conversations are not always positive or kind. And why does it matter?Speaking negatively undermines our confidence and self worth, and makes us feel horrible about ourselves.  Whether it is aloud or mentally, we have a choice as to whether these messages are either encouraging and motivating, or negative and demeaning.  Ask yourself this question - am I treating myself like I would a friend? If, like me, the answer is no, then we can do something about it.  The first step is to become conscious of that inner dialogue. From there, we can practice speaking nicely to ourselves by using phrases such as "you've got this" and "you are strong and amazing". Even if part of us doesn't believe those words right at that moment, by saying them every day, you and I will start to see ourselves in a different light.   
October has been Mental Health month and we are being encouraged to 'look up, look out & look forward", and look after our mental health and wellbeing. And I have worked out an enjoyable way to do this.... every time I have a cup of tea, I will say something positive to myself.  Wonderful! 

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