Share the LOVE!

Share the LOVE!

I recently ordered some products from an online shop, and was a super excited when they arrived. However, when I opened the parcel, I found my products, but not much else. No packing slip, no note....nothing. The products are great, but I have to say it was an anticlimax not to have any acknowledgment from the supplier. Instead of feeling like a special customer, I was left feeling disappointed. I am all for not including gimmicks into parcels. They quite often are thrown out, and end up in land fill. Having said that, there is nothing better as a customer (and also as a person) to get some acknowledgment that you are important. So, if we are not able to have a face-to-face conversation with you, how can we you do that?  One simple thing that we love to do is to add hand written notes on all of our packing slips that accompany the orders.  Sometimes the notes are about the loose leaf teas and sometimes they relate to the theme of the month. And they always say a big 'thank you'. We love you, our customers and each and every one of you is special to us. We hope that by reading our little messages, you can feel that too.  

We also celebrate the special milestones of our customers.  Recently, we had some wonderful people who had placed their 20th order with us. To acknowledge their support and to let them know how special they are, we sent them a note and a small gift with their order. 

Our whole reason for being is to share our teas with everyone, to provide you with an opportunity to pause and reconnect in your daily life. We want to make a difference in your life. And that starts from the moment you open your package,  to the steeping of the loose leaves to make your tea. 

I am just sharing my thoughts...I truly believe that any opportunity to share a bit of love in this world should not be wasted. I would love to hear what your experiences have been when purchasing products online. Do you feel special when online stores  'share the love' with you?  ❤️‍🩹
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