Cup of loose leaf tea

It's more than just a cup of tea!

I have been doing lots of thinking lately about what is the purpose of High Tea with Harriet.  Of course, as a tea company, our aim is to provide tea drinkers with a wonderful tea experience.  Isn't that the way tea should be?

But this was not enough for me.  I wanted to go much deeper than that.  What do we do that makes a positive difference to the world? Several cups of my favourite Elevenses blend later, I had it!  We are here to provide people with a vehicle to 'stop' - to take time out to pause, breathe and reset. And how do we do that?  By the whole process of using loose leaf tea to make your favourite cuppa.  It is about feeling and smelling the leaves, watching them open and steep (which is actually called 'the agony of the leaf'!), seeing the colour, smelling the aroma, savouring the taste.  And for those few minutes in your day, being present and focused on that one thing...your cup of tea! 

Of course, this can be done with a tea bag, but you kind of skip through the whole process.  And I feel like it just perpetuates the thinking that we have to get this done quickly, and get onto the next thing.  

Our lives are for the most part busy, and in some cases, I would say hectic.  That lifestyle provides little opportunities to 'just be'.  It does not matter if your tea of choice is mint, chai, green, white or black.  It is the positive experience of peace that you get from it that counts, and the difference that makes in your life.

What is Harriet's purpose?  A pause in a cup!

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