The Balancing Act of Life

Do you find yourself constantly on the go, throwing down any old hot drink that delivers some caffeine? Have you lost that enjoyment that you used to get with your morning cuppa, as you are in too much of a hurry to get out of the house? Do you remember as a child, perhaps watching your Nanna take the time to make a pot of loose leaf tea, sit with friends chatting and laughing, all connected over that pot? Creating these moments of pause and connection are so simple but we often forget that in our haste to finish our day. How do we get back to those more simple times, when there was more of a balance in life?
For most of us, Sunday is the favourite day of the week. It is a day where we have the luxury of whiling away hours doing the things that we enjoy. We take time to do those things that bring us pleasure and relaxation. After a day of doing this, we feel replenished and cared for. During the working week, we don't have the leisure of spending hours doing this. But you can add little bursts of 'looking after yourself' into your day. Why not go for a walk, have a bath, read a book or catch up with friends? Or every better, put the kettle on, and have a cuppa. Drinking tea, whether it is green, black or herbal, offers you a realistic chance to do some real self-care every single day. To make a pot of loose leaf tea from scratch takes 3-5 minutes but the act is so nurturing. We have to pause, use our senses and create. It allows us to slow and be patient while the leaves steep. And then being present to experience the aroma and taste of a freshly brewed cup of tea.
Having balance in your life doesn't have to be about spending hours in the pursuit of self care. It is about capturing those precious minutes every day, when all that matters is YOU!

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